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Track Your Ao Dai Order

1. How long does it take to receive my order?

We like to keep our quality in making Ao Dai, therefore it will takes from 4 - 5 weeks from the day order made. You can also request to have rust delivery which will cost extra and are base on our availabilities. Please contact us for timing and date of delivery before paying extra for this service. During our TET New Year months (December - February), ordering will takes up to 6 weeks due to overwhelming orders.

2. Can I buy just the fabrics?

Yes, you can always buy the fabric by itself. Just add the item to your cart, check out without the options for tailoring. Remember not to input your measurement or else you will be charge for tailoring as well.

3. Can I select a different color for Ao Dai fabric?

All our Ao Dai design are unique and are not always available in differences color and style. We different ourselves with others by making only certain amount of fabrics available to make Ao Dai, so your chances of having a duplicated are slim.

4. What are included with an Ao Dai order?

The price of Ao Dai shown on our website always includes long dress and long pants. For wedding Ao Dai, it will also include long dress, long pants, gown and cap. You will receive everything you see. All accessories are not include and are not available in our store, they are for picturing purpose only.

5. Is there any shipping charge for US customers?

We have free shipping for any order within continental US.

6. Will you ship the order International?

Since we are located in California, US. All orders outside US will be considered as International order and will be charge extra for International shipping. Rates are varies on country where you live. Please contact us for your exact rate versus weight ordered to save money.

7. What can I do if the dress ordered does not fit?

Customer's satisfaction is our number one priority. If you provided us enough and correct details to process your order as we required, and it does not fit you well, you can always send back to have it fix without any charge (excluding your shipping cost when you ship to us). If for any reasons you are still not satisfied with our products, you can always return it for refund. There will be 25% restocking fee for all return order.

8. How can I make payment for the order?

We do accept most major credit card provider via Paypal, a leading electronic payment service company, for online transaction security. We also take order via mail with money order or personal check. Cash order is acceptable but not recommended due to high risk of misplace. For mail order, please print out the measurement page with your measures and send to:


If you have questions before order, do not hesitate to email us at or call our customer service at (714) 383-1888. If you can not reach our customer service due to busy time, please leave your message and phone number, we will return your call as soon as possible.


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